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Have questions about specific money topics?

We have a class to shine light on the financial mystery. At different times throughout the year, OnTrack WNC offers a variety of class topics. Some of these courses are listed below. Click here to view our current class schedule. Or call our office at 255-5166 (Asheville) or 1-800-737-5485 to sign up for one of our classes.

These workshops can be provided at worksites, civic groups, clubs, schools, or faith communities. Program rates are $100 per workshop hour with a 15% discount for businesses or organizations that support United Way. If you’d like to sponsor an onsite education program for your group, please contact Sarah Brown here.

10 Rules of Money Management -Learn 10 rules that govern smart money management to help change your understanding of your personal financial life.

Banks, Credit Unions, and Checking Account Basics - Whether you write checks, use a debit card, pay bills electronically, or pay by mail, you need to keep track of the money in your account.  We’ll teach you how to balance your checkbook regularly and save money by avoiding overdraft charges.  Also, to help you determine where best to keep your money, we’ll discuss the similarities and differences between credit unions and banks.

Budgeting 101 - A budget plan is one of the best tools for financial empowerment. Learn how income, expenses, and debt all affect a successful budget and gain tools to help you create a realistic budget.

Credit? Get it. Keep it. Improve it - Find out what you know about credit!  Learn about what credit is, how to fix your past credit mistakes, read your credit reports, understand credit repair, and more.

Dreaming of Debt Free Living - Everyone has a different solution for managing debt.  This class will address the financial and emotional impact of being in debt and discuss the array of options for managing your debt.

Emotions & Spending - This class explores the powerful role of emotion in our use of money and provides  tools  for understanding those connections and working with the influential pull our emotions have on our spending patterns.

Energy Efficiency - Learn ways to make affordable energy upgrades to your home that will save you money.  Most participants can expect to achieve a 30% savings in their utilities by implementing ideas learned in class.  All participants receive a bag of helpful energy savings tools. Thanks to sponsorship support from The Biltmore Company® there is NO CHARGE for this class or for the energy saving tools.

Introduction to Homebuying- Thinking about purchasing a home, but don’t know where to start?   Between realtors, banks, closing costs, and inspections, the task can seem overwhelming.   But don’t worry – this introduction to first time homebuying will provide the answers you’ve been looking for and resources to help! 

Preventing Identity Theft -Identity theft happens when someone steals your personal information and uses it without your permission. In this class, we’ll discuss how it happens, identify popular fraud and scam techniques, learn how to prevent identity theft, and explain what to do if you’re a victim of identity theft.

Reverse Mortgages: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Learn the basics about Reverse Mortgages. This class will help you:

  • Finally understand what a reverse mortgage is and how they work.
  • Learn about how reverse mortgages can provide cash to homeowners over age 62.
  • Understand how the loans are paid back.
  • Learn about different scenarios and how a reverse mortgage can be helpful; and
  • Determine if you have enough equity in your home for a reverse mortgage to be a good solution for you.

Savings and Goal Setting - Ready, set, SAVE! Learn how to create realistic savings goals and plan the steps needed to reach them!

Take Control of Holiday Spending! - How can we make memorable holiday seasons without ruining our finances?  Learn how to enrich the holidays without breaking the bank!

What To Do With Your Tax Refund - Confused about how to spend your tax refund? Should you pay off debt, build your emergency fund, or make a purchase you've been eyeing? In this class we'll discuss the options of how to best use your refund to benefit your financial goals.

"The credit class took some of the mystery out of credit reports and credit scoring! I feel better about my future and know that I can get my good credit back with patience and persistence."

- How To Improve Your Credit Class Participant



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