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Employee Financial Wellness

Chances are you’ve had employees whose performance has suffered because of financial pressures. You may have wondered if there is anything you could do to help.

Good news! We are the local, non-profit resource to help your employees deal with financial problems and create an action plan to address their situations. Our classes and counseling can help you achieve better employee morale, while directly benefiting your employees’ personal financial wellness.

How can you support your employees’ financial stability? Partner with us to:
·  Offer on-site, financial education classes.
·  Offer on-site, credit improvement clinics.
·  Refer requests for pay advances and 401(k) hardship withdrawals/loans to financial education and counseling.
·  Provide coupons for student loan debt counseling.
·  Start a Matched Savings for Homeownership program. (To learn more about Mission Home Help, click here. To learn more about Biltmore Passport to Property, click here.)
·  Offer families struggling with housing or childcare costs a Bridge to long-term financial stability. (To learn more about The Bridge Program for Biltmore employees, click here.)
·  Consult with us to learn other ways to support your employees.

For more information call Tamara Lee at 828-210-4953 or email here.

24% of NC residents missed or were late on a credit obligation in the past year.


23% of Asheville area residents either lack a bank account or have had to use some sort of fringe financial service in the past year.


38% of Asheville area residents lack enough savings to survive for three months at the poverty level.

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