Biltmore Passport to Property

Jennifer Bradley "Purchasing your first home can be very intimidating but through this program I felt quite confident working with real estate professionals and empowered to stick to my budget...So Do It! The support you receive from OnTrack WNC will help you remain disciplined enough to hit your goals and create a new money story." - Jennifer Bradley, Biltmore Passport to Property Participant and Proud Homeowner


The Biltmore Company believes in helping employees work toward financial self-sufficiency and knows that one of the best ways to do this is to build assets through homeownership. 

The Biltmore Passport to Property program provides the following benefits to qualified employees:

  • FREE Manage Your Money and Homebuyer Education classes,
  • FREE personal financial counseling, and
  • Up to $2500 in Match Money towards the purchase of a home upon program completion ($2 in matching funds for every $1 saved by the employee)!

* It takes a minimum of six months to complete the program, so start now!

You qualify to participate if:

  • You are not currently a homeowner,
  • You are a full-time or flex employee of the Biltmore Company,
  • You have been an employee for at least two years, and
  • Your yearly salary is less than $60,000 (income is per employee, not per household).

Interested in Enrolling or Learning More?
Please contact Anthony Jimenez, our Biltmore Passport to Property Coordinator, at 348-3210 or email him here.

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