Build Your Credit

Ready to Improve Your Credit Score?

Our Credit Builder Program can help. Credit can be complex, confusing, intimidating and many people just don’t understand it; yet it has a tremendous impact in our lives.  Our program can help you finally understand the mysteries behind credit reporting and scores and together we will create a plan to start building credit to meet your goals. 

Step 1: Attend our Credit Class (REQUIRED)

In this class you will:

  • Learn about what credit really is and how credit scores work;
  • Dispel myths you have heard about how to build your credit and learn what actions affect your score positively and negatively; and
  • Learn ways to build your credit and start moving away from past credit mistakes.

Classes are offered weekly in Asheville.  For clients outside of Asheville, call our office at 828-255-5166 for more information on your first step.

Step 2: Pull Your Credit Report

OnTrack WNC can pull your Credit Reports & FICO Scores at our offices. Learn more here.

Step 3: Credit Builder Counseling

After attending our credit class, you'll attend a one-on-one credit builder counseling session. Working with a certified credit counselor, you will:

  • Understand exactly what is on your report and how it is affecting your credit score;
  • Review your report and goals to create a credit building plan just for you;
  • Receive direction on disputing illegitimate items;
  • Leave your appointment with manageable action steps to start building your credit; and
  • Have check-ins with your counselor to see how you are progressing on your plan and for further assistance.

Ready for assistance?

Call 828-255-5166.

Or click here to get started.


"Working with OnTrack WNC is the single best and most powerful and rewarding experience I have had in my financial life. Finally! Information, support, education!"

- Mara Bone, Women's Financial Empowerment Center Financial Counseling Client

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